The DMPK Service Department of
WuXi AppTec

The DMPK Service Department helps you quickly promote the R&D process from drug discovery to a new drug application.

The DMPK Service Department is one of the business units under the Laboratory Testing Division. It is primarily responsible for in vivo and in vitro pharmacokinetics studies. When you partner with WuXi AppTec for drug discovery and development services, you gain access to an integrated worldwide network of facilities that offer a full range of discovery screening, preclinical development, clinical drug metabolism, and pharmacokinetic (DMPK) platforms and services. These include in vitro absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) studies and in vivo pharmacokinetic studies, metabolite identification studies, quantitative autoradiography studies, human radioactive substance balance, and metabolite safety evaluation studies. With locations in the United States (New Jersey) and China (Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, and Nantong), we can help you navigate every aspect of the drug development process—no matter what the stage.

The DMPK Service Department has a diversified client community, covering more than 90% of the world’s large pharmaceutical companies with more than 1,000 small and medium-sized biopharmaceutical companies, virtual companies, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions. As a global DMPK service provider, we are committed to delivering all clients with high-quality data, precise R&D strategies, and excellent services to meet the unique needs of every client and become the preferred partner for DMPK studies.

Drug Development Process

What WuXi AppTec DMPK can provide

Hit to lead


High-throughput screening of DMPK experiments suitable for early R&D stages

Experimental design and research strategy according to the characteristics of the project.

Lead optimization


Pharmacokinetics study strategies and optimization recommendations based on the characteristics of test compounds

Preclinical candidate (PCC)


Comprehensive interpretation of pharmacokinetics properties of test compounds

Species selection to support GLP toxicological assessment on safety

Support for PK/PD studies

Investigational New Drug (IND) application


IND submission strategy and IND study packages (Support clients in submitting IND applications to regulatory agencies worldwide)

Post IND


A basis for dosing frequency and dose setting

Improved package inserts of drugs

Why Choose the WuXi AppTec DMPK
Service Department

Team and
Innovation and

Customized Services

·Provides customized solutions at different stages of new drug research and development according to client projects.

·Offers a service model dedicated to improving project success.

·Excellent service system, extensive experience, trustworthiness.

Integrated Services

·WuXi AppTec’s departments can work together to support a client’s project. Our integrated services provide our clients with flexible development options that result in significant time and cost savings.

· The Laboratory Testing Division offers a complete spectrum of IND-enabling services (WIND).

Digital Operations

·Precise and efficient digital operation management systems ensure hundreds of thousands of in vitroand in vivo experiments annually.

·Digitalization of the whole process from test article receiving to report submission protects client intellectual property.

·The project progress is transparent and visible. Clients can remotely review project progress in real-time.

Team and Facilities

· Five global R&D centers have passed regulatory inspections from the AAALAC, FDA, NMPA, and EPA.

·Over 1,000 employees with extensive study experience.

·An orderly supply of animal resources ensures that clients' projects are timely executed.

·We serve more than 1,000 customers worldwide.

Innovation and Development

·To prospectively establish a research and testing service system for cutting-edge pharmaceutical R&D areas and new drug modalities.

· We successfully support IND applications in multiple innovative fields to ensure client success.

·Papers on DMPK studies submitted by our scientists are regularly published in notable international journals.

Global operation mode, five R&D centers in
China and the United States

the United States
the United States
Cranbury, NJ

In Vitro ADME Studies, In VivoPharmacokinetics Studies, Drug Metabolite Identification Studies, Pharmacokinetics Studies of Radiolabeled Test Articles, Non-GLP Bioanalysi


In Vitro ADME Studies, Rodent Pharmacokinetics Studies, Drug Metabolite Identification Studies, Non-GLP Bioanalys


In Vitro ADME Studies, in VivoPharmacokinetics Studies, Drug Metabolite Identification Studies, pharmacokinetics Studies of Radiolabeled Test Articles, Non-GLP Bioanalysis


In Vivo Pharmacokinetics Study, Non-GLP Bioanalysis


in Vivo Pharmacokinetics Study, Non-GLP Bioanlaysis

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