Customized Services

Customized Services

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New drug discovery stage

Developing R&D strategies and improving R&D efficiency

In the discovery stage, we can provide customized services for clients by designing step-by-step DMPK strategies according to the project characteristics, achieving a higher hit ratio during drug screening, which can shorten the R&D cycle of obtaining the regular pattern between structure-activity relationships (SAR) and DMPK properties. These include:
Lead compound discovery: The design of an effective and rapid in vitro and in vivo high-throughput screening studies.Lead optimization and preclinical candidate (PCC): More comprehensive and in-depth pharmacokinetics studies will be conducted by interpreting previous data combined with preliminary pharmacodynamic and toxicological results to provide reliable experimental data and a solid research basis for PCC.

IND application stage

Excellent service system, extensive application experience

The DMPK Service Department provides precise application strategy and testing services in the IND application stage that adheres to indications and drug modalities. An excellent experimental system and data management system accompany successful applications of client projects. We offer:
Support for submitting Investigational New Drug (IND) applications to regulatory authorities worldwide.More than ten years of experience by supporting over 500 IND submissions.Established pharmacokinetics research strategies for various disease areas and new drug modalities (peptides, antibodies, oligonucleotides, Proteolysis-Targeting Chimeras, etc.).

Proprietary service model dedicated to increasing project success

Our "Customer First" philosophy guides our approach and makes our customer and their programs our central focus. Each client has a dedicated Study Director who takes charge of the client's DMPK studies from screening to the IND stage. Study Directors with extensive experience in drug research and development and DMPK professional backgrounds offer a full range of project management services.

The Study Director works seamlessly with experienced scientists and researchers to provide clients with the comprehensive pharmacokinetic test service required to research and develop new drugs based on the research needs. The DMPK Service Department is divided into in vitroin vitro, in vivo, bioanalysis, and operation teams to serve clients better. The division achieves a higher degree of specialization and constantly improves our capability to ensure high-quality, efficient project delivery.

To address any unique challenges encountered in the project, DMPK Service Department will establish a group consisting of the Study Directors, senior DMPK experts, and functional heads to provide clients with rapid and professional solutions.

Comprehensive Services with Streamlined Communications
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