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The Strength of Automation: Accelerating In Vitro ADME Studies

Compared to traditional manual assays, automated liquid handling workstations can precisely and efficiently complete tasks such as sample addition, gradient dilution, and liquid distribution, effectively reducing human errors and improving the speed, quality, and throughput of in vitro absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) testing. The advantages of high-throughput integrated liquid handling workstations include: (1) high throughput, (2) high precision, (3) fast speed, and (4) high success rate


How the In Vitro ADME Automation Platform has Upgraded


Following the introduction of the first automated liquid handling workstation in 2014, the in vitro ADME team of the DMPK Services Department has continuously expanded the platform and upgraded the automation level of the workstation to improve work efficiency and the quality of research data. From small semi-automated to stand-alone automated liquid workstations followed by high throughput integrated liquid workstations, the platform has now evolved to version 3.0 (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 . Upgrade of developed in vitro ADME automation platform


Currently, the full-process automation solutions for various types of in vitro ADME assays have been developed and validated, demonstrating the feasibility and accuracy of conducting assays using automated instruments.


How the Automation Platform Facilitates Project Development


Extending the 8-h working system of the instrument: The integrated liquid handling workstation can continuously perform full-process assays. Sample plates and other consumables can be arranged, and then the program can be started and left to run. The workstation can run automatically overnight, continuously conducting assays and efficiently assisting project progress.


Professional platform management: The management platform enables multi-user, -program, -instrument, and -site collaborative management, thereby achieving reasonable and efficient deployment, ensuring project timelines, and facilitating project implementation.


WuXi AppTec DMPK has laid a solid foundation for automation and established a high-throughput integrated automation platform for in vitro ADME, enhancing delivery efficiency and quality. In the future, we will focus on building an automation laboratory that is highly aligned with the business to facilitate efficient drug discovery and development.


If you want to learn more details about the impact of automation on the in vitro ADME, please read the article now.

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